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Hey, I have my app set up to get MouseDown and MouseUp events in a NSView.

Very simple code. What I have noticed however is that if I click the mouse with a regular click, or if I double click fast enough, then I get only a mouseDown event. There seems to be a small delay in how long I need to hold down my mouse button before I get the up event. Is this just something I have done crazily in my app somewhere or is there a delay setting I have missed? The delay seems to be very very small, but I have noticed it on a few occasions now.

Thanks for any help/insights.

EDIT: I think I figured out that it has to do with a Mouse Click vs a Mouse Down. If I click fast enough then Mac OS X interprets it as a Mouse click. I found a few resources on this, but unfortunately none tell me how to always force a mouse down event :(