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When I start my application, the text boxes in my NSMatrix don’t show their values.

Here’s the relevant code from my view:

@interface FOVview : NSView {

IBOutlet NSSlider *graySlider; IBOutlet NSSlider *transparencySlider; IBOutlet NSTextField *grayText; IBOutlet NSTextField *transparencyText; IBOutlet NSMatrix *sensorAngles; IBOutlet NSMatrix *sensorY; float grayness; float transparency; float angles[N_SENSORS]; float y[N_SENSORS]; float scale;



The grayText and transparencyText NSTextViews show their values when the window opens, but the NSMatrixes don’t. From the documentation, it seems like this should work, and I can’t find any other likely methods.


You need to use AwakeFromNib. —- Worked like a charm! Thanks.