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Hi, I’m a newbie writing my second app, a HTML/JavaScript Editor. I have two questions:

1) I’m looking for a simple way to add some text to a NSTextView and then hightlight the text I have inserted. All I have is this…

… which works fine, very simple. Now I would like the text that was inserted (myCode) to be highlighted (something like a sintax coloring, but much simpler).

2) Is there some way to insert some text and then select just part of it, like XCode does when you choose a parameter from the Hint list? (e.g. <#(NSString *)format#> gets selected when you choose stringWithFormat) Can I do it with [NSTextView selectWord:(id)sender]; ?

Thanx in advance.

Use NSTextView’s setSelectedRange and pass it the range of what you just inserted. Something like [_textView setSelectedRange:NSMakeRange([_textView selectedRange].location, [myCode length])]

Also see HelpWithNSTextView and SettingInsertionPoint for why using insertText: is probably not the best way to get text into a NSTextView programatically.