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*Intrinsic Vulnerabilities In ObjC Runtime – and one solution, Obfuscation

From initial MarcWeil comment in CocoaInsecurity: * …there is an inherent insecurity in all Cocoa applications, simply by the nature of the ObjectiveC Runtime and the organization of MachO executables (what with name and symbol tables embedded right into them, which can be accessed easily with programs such as nm, otool, and class-dump)… *

This means that it is easy for an InputManager to be used against your protection scheme

If you are developing an application in Cocoa, and earning money off of it is important to you or your company, then remember these key points when designing your registration model (and keep in mind that these are only the most basic strategies):

MarcWeil closed his discussion of the above observations with this: * However, always keep in mind the grim truth that a determined hacker will almost always find a way to circumvent your licensing and protection scheme, no matter to what lengths you go to protect your program from such break-ins. *