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I’m wondering if it’s worth it to get an ADC Select Membership. I want to learn about new stuff such as CoreAnimation. If I get that membership, will I have access to this information? Is it worth 500$ ?

Answers: respectively “yes”, if you buy the membership along with the Leopard Early Start Kit, and “depends” – how much do you make from your products? How much do you think you will make if you make a Leopard-tailored product, or if you debug for Leopard? Will you use the other benefits from ADC Select, such as hardware discounts? Take this all into account and see if, to you, it is worth $500. – EmanueleVulcano aka l0ne

If you’re gonna buy a high-end Mac and don’t already have a Select membership, get one; the hardware discount (on pro hardware) pretty much cancels out the cost of the membership, plus you get access to Leopard beta and presumably other stuff. – RobRix (not a select member)

Just for those (like me) who are curious about the discount – the ADC Apple Store is available online without a membership. For MacBook Pros, the discount does make up for the membership. With the discount, prices are $1599, $1999, and $2239. Without the discount, the same laptops cost $1999, $2499, and $2799. So if you’re planning on buying the high end MacBook Pro, it’s cheaper to do so after purchasing the Select Membership. MacPro discounts are similar. – JoeCrow