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Excuse me for my bad, bad English, sometimes it seems unpolite simply because I don’t know the words to appear polite.

I want to ask wether you can make a Italian version of CocoaDev, I think that there are very expert Italian programmers and now there isn’t a real reference site for the Italian Programming for Mac OS X. There are only (very good) tutorials, a blog, an a well-known (for Italians) forum. Other resources include sites that are not part of the Mac community.

As an Italian programmer, I am of two minds about your proposal. On one side, having everything in a language you actually understand is waaaay cool :D On the other, we risk two-way fragmentation by having two wikis – things on Cocoadev wouldn’t be on the Italian wiki, making it less than worth the effort, and things on the Italian wiki wouldn’t end up on Cocoadev, removing a large audience from anything we’d find out and publish on it. – EmanueleVulcano aka l0ne

The contents can be independent, without being shared, but we can maintain a big collaboration between the two wikis.