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(usually spelled Java)

Java is a modern object oriented programming language from SunMicrosystems. In theory it can run on any OperatingSystem that has a JavaVirtualMachine (JavaVM), which makes it CrossPlatform in a way that previously only a ScriptingLanguage could be.

You can program Cocoa applications in Java through AppleComputer’s JavaBridge XcodeObjCJavaBridge JavaPedia – a wiki for all things Java (June 20, 2003)

Actually, you don’t need to use the JavaBridge, explicitely… you just use the Java Cocoa classes and everything works fine (they use the bridge internally to call the Objective-C cocoa classes).

If you’re a Java developer, you don’t need to learn Objective-C to do Cocoa development. Its fun and easy to do, though.


If you expect to be taken seriously as a Cocoa developer, however, you’re going to have to use Objective-C rather than Java. The use of Java with Cocoa has been deprecated by Apple and the bridge is already missing some key classes and technologies (e.g. CoreImage.)