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Hi, I’m rather new at Cocoa…is there a way to get multiple images, join it together…and create a quicktime movie in cocoa programming? When the movie is played…it will be shown like a film strip..with the images streaming from right to left continuously.

*This is really a question about how to use QuickTime. Cocoa has classes for loading and displaying still images, but it’s a Graphical User Interface library, not a multimedia toolkit. QuickTime, on the other hand, has all sorts of wonderful and arcane facilities for doing just what you’re asking.

Perhaps you should visit, and see if there’s any QuickTime sample code there that could give you a few pointers?

And a more general question for the CocoaDev crowd: is there a site like CocoaDev, but which focusses on QuickTime?


There’s no QuickTime wiki that I’m aware of, but Apple has a mailing list - []