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I have been struggling for some time to find how to get a keypress in NSOutlineView into my Controller.

There seem to be many others asking similar questions so I decided document my solution which may help.

I created a class MyOutlineView subclassing NSOutlineView and implemented @protocol MyOutlineViewDelegate

MyOutlineView overrides keyDown: and sends any key to the delegate.

If the delegate handles the key it should return YES, otherwise NO.

// MyOutlineView.h #import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>

@protocol MyOutlineViewDelegate @optional -(BOOL) keyPressedInOutlineView:(unichar) character; @end

@interface MyOutlineView : NSOutlineView { NSObject *keyDelegate; } @property (assign) IBOutlet NSObject *keyDelegate;


// MyOutlineView.m #import “MyOutlineView.h”

@implementation MyOutlineView @synthesize keyDelegate;

-(void)keyDown:(NSEvent *)theEvent { unichar character = theEvent characters] characterAtIndex:0]; if([self.keyDelegate respondsToSelector:@selector(keyPressedInOutlineView:)]) if([self.keyDelegate keyPressedInOutlineView:character]) return; [super keyDown:theEvent]; }


In Interface Builder change the class of the OutlineView to MyOutlineView and connect the keyDelegate output to the Controller. Implement the following in your Controller and process the keys as required.

-(BOOL)keyPressedInOutlineView:(unichar) character { [[NSLog (@”Key in Controller! %C”, character); if (character == 0x0d) { NSLog (@”Return in OutlineView!”); return YES; } return NO; }