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List of Known Cocoa Bugs

People should probably post Apple Bug ID#s here so others can reference them in their own bug reports.

Title: mouseMoved events not always received

Added: March 21, 2002

Resolved: No (as of March 22nd, 2002)

Description: NSView mouseMoved events can only be enabled/disabled when the NSView is the FirstResponder. Furthermore the events are only received when the NSView is the FirstResponder.

Has this been resolved in Jaguar? I am using 10.1.5 and PB 1.1 and even though I set my NSView subclass as initialFirstResponder of the window it’s in it doesn’t get any mousemoved events and yes, I have set acceptsMouseMovedEvents:YES

Any ideas?

/Gabriel Falkenberg

Slightly random and unlikely to help: are you setting acceptsMouseMovedEvents too early? ie before the view is made first responder? – KritTer

I thought I had but maybe I hadn’t. Anyway after placing this code in my view it works as expected:

- (void)awakeFromNib {
self window] makeFirstResponder:self];
[[self window] setAcceptsMouseMovedEvents:YES]; }

Note that this is using Jaguar but I guess 10.1 will do. –Gabriel

[[NSImage cant read 1bit (Black and White) BMP files. – mark Horner

When viewing an NSString that starts with a plus sign (“+”) in GDB, it comes up as an empty string. See NSStringInconsistanciesInDebugger.

– MarcWeil

NSString’s stringByTrimmingCharactersInSet is wacked out. See .

Fixed in Panther.

NSLog does strange things to backslashes in strings. For a workaround you can print out cStrings instead.

does strange things - can you be more specific?



Drawer content size bug in Interface Builder - prevents you from changing the size of a drawer after changing the drawer’s parent window size. See the following web page for details: