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A test function for LSTrampoline.

void LSHOMTest(void) { NSArray *one = [@”one two three four five six seven eight nine ten” componentsSeparatedByString:@” “]; NSArray *two = one select] hasPrefix:@”t”]; [[NSArray *three = two reject] hasSuffix:@”e”]; [[NSArray *four = three collect] stringByAppendingString:@” potato”]; [[NSArray *five = one collect] mutableCopy]; [[five do] appendString:@”_vegetable”];

[[NSLog(@"%@", one);
NSLog(@"%@", two);
NSLog(@"%@", three);
NSLog(@"%@", four);
NSLog(@"%@", five); }

I ran this just now, and here is the output:

2003-02-25 02:46:05.669 Lodestone[1360] (one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten) 2003-02-25 02:46:05.706 Lodestone[1360] (two, three, ten) 2003-02-25 02:46:05.707 Lodestone[1360] (two, ten) 2003-02-25 02:46:05.707 Lodestone[1360] (“two potato”, “ten potato”) 2003-02-25 02:46:05.708 Lodestone[1360] ( “one_vegetable”, “two_vegetable”, “three_vegetable”, “four_vegetable”, “five_vegetable”, “six_vegetable”, “seven_vegetable”, “eight_vegetable”, “nine_vegetable”, “ten_vegetable” )

– RobRix