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I need to get the line number of a range of text as displayed in a NSTextView. I’ve done some research and found NSString’s

� getLineStart:end:contentsEnd:forRange: � lineRangeForRange: � getParagraphStart:end:contentsEnd:forRange: � paragraphRangeForRange:

methods, but I’m unclear how to get the line number of a specific range from it. All the examples I’ve seen have just counted lines. Does anyone have something they could paste in before I go and do the work myself?

Get yourself AppKiDo (or DocoaBrowser) and search for ‘paragraph’ and ‘line’ and look at all the results. Those methods are what you need to read about.

I have a range of a string inside a text view and I need to obtain the line number at which the string is located. So far I have thought up one way that one may go about it: Determine the characters before the start of the match range and loop through them, counting the return characters. This is, however, beyond my skill level- so could anyone point me in the right direction or tell me if sample code exists for this? (Or perhaps my idea is completely wrong and you could tell me a better way to go about it).

There’s no easy, direct way to do this because what constitutes a ‘line’ when wrapping is considered is entirely dependent on the width of the text view. However, you might want to search the docs for the -paragraphs method … that precludes the need to loop through looking for various kinds of line endings.

Wrapping is disabled the on the text view.

Just search for how many \n’s before your range.location