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The LinkBack project is an open-source Cocoa framework that provides a way to allow for external applications to edit content embedded in another application’s documents.

Any thoughts of this? (Note that this is not in-place editing.)

PublishAndSubscribe. I can think of some interesting applications and plan to check it out. I wonder how it’s implemented? DO?

Nah, it’s basically a standard format for clipboard data. Pretty low tech, but useful!

I’m seeing a lot of people saying that this is like OpenDoc resurrected. Is that right? I thought OpenDoc was much more ambitious. OpenDoc, I thought, was about changing the unit from application to plugin. Each company would contribute a plugin that could edit something or bring some sort of functionality, and all the plugins would edit the same document within the same app. Here OmniOutliner still won’t be able to open a NisusWriter document, but you can embed an (image of?) an outline in a NisusWriter doc, and edit it in OmniOutliner by double clicking on it.

This sounds more like OLE for the mac to me (as they mention in their press release). Which is coo’, but isn’t the same as OpenDoc.

It’s not OpenDoc, it’s more like Publish & Subscribe, as mentioned above. The overview PDF was last revised in June 2004; looks like this has been in the works for quite some time.

I think NeXTSTEP had not only Paste, but also Paste&Link, which did basically the same as LinkBack…