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I’ve made a sample program in which an NSTableView has two columns – one has sliders, and the other displays the value of the slider.

Here’s an example if my description isn’t clear

I’m using a custom NSTableColumn and have overridden the dataCellForRow: method to forward data cell requests to my dataSource, since eventually I’ll be using different types of cells on a per row basis, according to need. Right now I’m only using sliders, however.

the actual source for my controller and dataSource is as such: Note that the vars [[ValueID and CellID are global, static NSString pointers.


/* Table Data Source Methods */

/* Cell callback */

Basically, this works. You drag the slider, and when you let go, the values column updates to show the change. BUT, the feedback isn’t live. E.g., the NSLog statement in onSliderCell: shows [sliderCell floatValue] as static – as whatever it was at mousedown. I need live feedback, since these sliders are meant to tune a realtime simulation.

It seems to me that the call to setContinuous on sliderCell should have fixed this, but it doesn’t.

Am I missing something obvious here?


I hope this the proper way to respond (new member).

I’m just starting to use tableviews, and one of the things I want to do is very close to your code above. Question: what does the double bracket notation variable mean? Where does it come from? I have not seen it in objective C. Possible speedup suggestion: Would KVC bindings, perhaps to an ivar, help?