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I’m trying to load the content of a nib file in order to add it to a NSView of my MainMenu.nib So there is two nib files in my project : MainMenu.nib and Box.nib. My MainMenu nib contains an NSObject subclass myController; a simple button (with an add: action) and a NSView myCustomView. I tried this without success :

#import “myController.h”

@implementation myController


If i try to draw directly to myMiew using [boxNib instantiateNibWithOwner: myView topLevelObjects:nil]; it dont change anything. What is wrong? It dont sends any error message but myView is blank. - StephaneDassieu

I don’t know if your code is supposed to work (I’ve never done it that way) but I usually load nibs using [NSBundle loadNibNamed:(NSString *)nibName owner:(id)nibOwner]


Try not releasing boxNib too.

aView is a plain NSView.

aView is set as the nib's owner. This means that a plain NSView is going to be the File's Owner object that you see in the nib file.

It’s blank because you’re not doing anything to put anything into aView. Loading the nib isn’t changing aView at all, so there is no reason why this code would work.

In order to do this, you’ll need a controller class with outlets to the interesting bits in the nib. This can either be your main controller or a specialized controller, depending on the situation.