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Locteam has been an Apple localization vendor since 1990. Since then, we have developed considerable experience in Macintosh software localization and documentation translation. We have localized and tested operating systems (Mac OS 7.0 to Mac OS X), servers (Appleshare 1.0 to Mac OS X Server), applications (iTunes, iPhoto, iCal, Keynote) and professional software (Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro, Quicktime Pro). We know the terminology and style, the tools and processes, the look and feel. So when it comes to localize software for the Mac, we are the one stop shopping solution for all tasks and all major European languages.

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If you are really a Mac user, then you should try to test your web site with Safari. When using tabbing interface, it is really frustrating when a site like yours decide to resize and moving the browser window! Hope you will correct that.


P.S. I’ve posted a feature request to Safari team for blocking resizing and movement of windows, like they do for window popup.

Eric: our resizing has been decided for aesthetics reasons (the flash part with the background color).

I didn’t notice the flash or the background color because I was too busy pressing the back button on my webbrowser.

Turn it as much as you want. Your aesthetics has pushed me out of your web site. And believe me, I’m not alone. I was not trying to bash you, but warn you of the bad design you have for your web site.


[ -edit: flamebait, troll and other useless stuff truncated- ]

[…] this isn’t 1997. You don’t hijack peoples’ browsers. If your web site requires browser hijacking (forcing your viewing will on your visitors’ browsers) your site is extremely poorly designed. What of those with alternate viewing needs? There are far more of those than you might think. I urge you to reconsider your design; it is outdated, presumptuous, and useless to a fairly large percent of visitors (ie, those with needs that don’t fit into your narrowly-designed box) and makes you look unprofessional, careless, and ignorant of modern standards. This obviously makes any serious developers (your target market who happens to know about these things) want to steer very clear of doing business with you. I had already made up my mind the moment I saw that your site’s design makes ignorant assumptions about how its content should be viewed and forces visitors to conform. Your business image, therefore, receives a flat “F” grade in my book. I don’t mean to be vicious myself, but I will be truthful.*

Agreed. I’ll never use a site that resizes / moves my browser. – AndyMatuschak

Why don’t they just open a new window and resize that? Even that’s an extremely annoying behavior. Though it is an improvement, I suppose. – AndyMatuschak

I’m not going to judge them on the window resize thing, since I’ve done my share of crappy UI, but the links on the page don’t work when I try to click on them. THAT is something that isn’t going to work for potential clients - if they can’t click on a link to contact you. – JasonTerhorst