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Is it possible to locate the download folder in Cocoa (and/or Carbon) without having to delve in InternetConfig? None of the usual candidates (NSSearchPathForDirectoriesInDomains, FSFindFolder) do this, and InternetConfig makes it a pain by requiring me to use FSSpec – a type that was marked as deprecated in the PowerPC -> IntelCore transition, thus making me worry about the portability of my code. What should I do? – EmanueleVulcano aka l0ne

The download folder is stored as data in a plist called The data is an alias to the folder. I realize this involves “devling into internet config”, but it works fine for me.

I meant “delving into InternetConfig” as in “having to use the very old, half-deprecated InternetConfig APIs”. Which I don’t have to, thanks to you :).

Anyway, it’s a NSDictionary plist with “Version X.X.X” [NSDictionary] > “ic-added” [NSDictionary] > “DownloadFolder” [NSDictionary] > “ic-data” [NSData], for everyone’s future reference, where X.X.X is 2.5.4 in my case (but might reasonably vary) and is the only item in the root NSDictionary.

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I’m concerned that the above solution reads the Internet Config plist directly. This seems a little fragile to me. I’ve written the code to load it from IC using the APIs. It isn’t pretty but it seems safer.

Getting the downloads folder using IC: