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I’m looking for a capable freelance Cocoa developer to assist me in completing a project. Any interested parties, please submit your contact information. Thanks! I’m not really understanding the basis for this Wiki site, so I’m hoping I posted this in the right place - in the right manner.

For one, it might be a good idea to post an e-mail address so that people can get in touch privately rather than publicly… as to whether such is well-suited for this website, that’s gonna be up for discussion. I don’t mind, but this isn’t my site; it’s everyone’s. – RobRix

I would prefer a FreelanceCocoaDevelopers page so more of these don’t pop up. Make it so we can add/remove ourselves from our CocoaDevUsers pages and stick a link to it on the front page. /thinking out loud

Also, you may want to note the geographic location as a paid collaboration may be difficult to do legitimately across certain borders …

What kind of application is it?

I second Rob’s idea of posting an email address

I’d avoid posting any email address that isn’t already getting hundreds of spams a day. Maybe a URL to a contact page. Or better yet, try posting to Craigslist and the cocoa-dev mailing lists.

I’ll post to further indicate that there is interest in the community regarding freelance cocoa development… so, post some info and you’ll get a lot of hits.

Could always write it in a odd formatted way… ie. someone at somewhere dot com