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The MacDevCenter is O’Reilly’s page devoted to Mac development, from AppleScript to Cocoa.

{Digs 12.10.01} I personally (as a newbie to OOP and lapsed coder) found their Cocoa tutorials very useful - especially in conjunction with “Learning Cocoa” (also published by O’reilly)

Once I got my head round the concepts involved in Cocoa , these tutorials really helped my understanding of how these concepts are applied in real life code. {/Digs 12.10.01}

Wow… they haven’t done much Cocoa stuff lately. Maybe we should petition that they do, lol. - RossLeonardy

Granted, you can learn some Cocoa there if you apply yourself, but what a struggle it is.

The Cocoa articles you do find there (largely by Mike Beam) are generally so verbose that, although it’s free, you pay through the nose in terms of time to get a fairly puny Cocoa education. Beam is a sharp programmer, but very clumsy and self-indulgent in his explanations.

They gave him no editorial supervision, as far as I can tell. But then, an editor would cost money. The tutorials at CocoaDevCentral are far more focused and useful.