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MailCore is a Cocoa e-mail framework built by Matt Ronge that is the core of the e-mail client Kiwi. MailCore provides a nice set of objects for working with IMAP, MIME and SMTP, all of which use the C e-mail library LibEtPan.

Documentation is available: [] Download from: [] Site: []

From your site:

CTCoreAccount *account = [[CTCoreAccount alloc] init]; [account connectToServer:@”” port:143 connectionType:CONNECTION_TYPE_PLAIN authType:IMAP_AUTH_TYPE_PLAIN login:@”test” password:@”none”];

You may want to make this more Cocoa-ish and use enumerations instead of what appears to be #defines:

CTCoreAccount *account = [[CTCoreAccount alloc] init]; [account connectToServer:@”” port:143 connectionType:CTPlainConnection authType:CTIMAPAuthPlain login:@”test” password:@”none”];

Or something like that… :-)

I just downloaded the framework and tried its example. but it is not working for me. when i tried sending mail it always gives the same error saying “An error occured while sending the from address”. though my from address is perfect!.