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I’m sure this must have been answered at least once, but I have tried and failed to find any related docs.

How can I make a right click (context-click) select a row on an NSTableView as well as bring up the menu. Default behaviour is NOT to select the row under the mouse.

Thanks for any help offered,


I’m pretty sure you have to subclass NSTableView to do this. I’m guessing it’d look something like this:

@implementation MyTableView

Hope this helps. – Bo

I have subclassed the NSTableView as suggested, but for some reason I override rightMouseDown:(NSEvent *)theEvent and it never gets called. I override mouseDown:… and that overrides as would be expected. It seems that rightMouseDown is not being called at all for some reason.

Any suggestions?

Are you using a real right mouse button, or are you control-clicking? As far as I know, OS X treats them as two separate beasts, though they perform the same action by default.

I’m doing the same thing in an application I’m working on, and I decided to try putting the selection code into - (NSMenu *)menuForEvent:(NSEvent *)event instead. This seems to work perfectly (and makes a bit more sense to me since I’m also enabling/disabling items based on the selected rows).

– Wevah

See RightClickSelectInTableView