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There once was a software that could make any cocoa app’s window float / stay on top of all the other ones. However, I can’t find it anymore. Now, I assume it’s a carbon call or something, I’d have to get a windowRef and call some carbon function… anybody knows which one? ;)


Google is your friend. There’s an instance method off NSWindow that does exactly what you want. Go forth and find it.

Well, I think I mis-phrased. I want to create an app that makes a window of any OTHER app floating, not the window of my app. So, the user clicks on “make floating”, selects any window, say, a browser window of safari, and suddenly, that window is floating above all other windows. My app is just there to make this possible…

I hope that describes it better.

An input manager could do it with the aforementioned method and with equivalent Carbon calls if needed. CoreGraphics probably has a set of functions for exactly this sort of thing anyway.

There was Afloat at too, but it uses NSWindow’s methods rather than windowRefs (anyone knows what’s up with window groups anyway?). – EmanueleVulcano aka millenomi