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I have a couple small apps that I want to make available to others. I’m wondering if there are any ‘best practices’ recommendations, or any tips for making it look a little more professional?

Can anyone point to any resources regarding topics relevant to this? I’m thinking things like:

Then, there’s the presentation. With freeware, obviously I’m not wanting to spend much to do this.

You should search the site before creating a new page …. see PublishingMyApp —-

Thanks for the response. But, that page really doesn’t answer any of the questions I posed. It dealt mainly with shareware business practices, pricing, etc. Obviously, those things don’t come into play in free apps. Also, inexpensive hosting, icons, etc. are a little tougher when you’re not charging.

OK, here is some of the things you should need. 1) First, open all your nib files in Interface Builder. Go to Format>Validate Layout, and fix any validation errors you find. 2) Follow the Apple Human Interface Guidelines, available from Interface Builder’s Help menu. 3) Go to your hard drive’s /Developer/Applications/Utilities/ folder. The PackageMaker program will make an installable package, if your app depends on more than just the .app file. 4) To make a .dmg file: 5) Any site with file uploading and downloading support can host a Mac app. Some things you should know: some freeware web hosting sites don’t allow this. If you have a .Mac account, make sure you can get a website for it - because .Mac includes web hosting. 6) There are some good books that discuss web design. Find some at your local library. 7) Make one or more screenshots available. 8) Provide a form or email address so people can ask you questions or ask you for help. 9) If you have an image editor, you can make an icon. See HowDoIConvertImageToIcon (one of my questions :-) ).

Hope this helps! PietroGagliardi

Thanks for the reply, Pietro.. that’s good info.

I’ll add a few items that I’ve found so far, for the next total newbie looking for info..

I’m still struggling a bit with the graphic aspects of this. An artist I am not, so I’m trying to find tools that will allow me to come up with a halfway professional looking www site banner, DMG background, etc.

Here is a concise guide for making a customized DMG (building the DMG with your view options, and creating a compressed image.. doesn’t include the background image stuff, but that’s pretty easy):

And another, with background image detail: I find the sizing a bit tricky.. Finder doesn’t always open the image in the sized window I’m expecting. Also, sometimes it opens the image in a new window without the links on the left {Desktop, Applications, Documents, etc.}, and other times it opens in a normal finder window. hosts freeware apps for you.