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Ok, I have an application that uses multiple .rtf files and switches them through a text view. I’m using the readRTFDFromFile method to read the files off my HD. How would I make this work on other macs as well as mine? Could I send the files to a server and have the application read them from there? This would be an alternative because I want the application to run without be connected to the internet.

I would suggest merely adding these files to your project’s resources, which will make them get copied into your .app bundle.

Thanks that works fine. —- How do you get the location that your application is running from?

[[NSBundle mainBundle] bundlePath]


If your app isn’t bundled for some reason (CLI app, say) then I think you can use NSProcessInfo to get the app’s location.

I don’t see any way to do that. If you’re referring to the -arguments method, be aware that argv[0] is not a reliable way to find out where your binary is located.

However, NSBundle will still work to find the executable even in an unbundled application, strange as that may be.

In an unbundled application, NSBundle assumes the parent directory of the executable to be the bundle.