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When making an NSMatrix of NSButtons, can you alter the size of the buttons? Whenever I alter the size of the Matrix, by option pulling on the sizing handles, the buttons themselves resize.

What I want to do is keep the buttons a fixed size while enlarging the Matrix so that there is more space between the buttons.


Try not holding down option?

When I hold down option, i spawn more button in the matrix. Without the option held down the buttons resize along with the matrix.

I don’t believe it’s possible to do what you’re asking by dragging in the GUI. Look up NSMatrix’s - (void)setIntercellSpacing:(NSSize)aSize method.

Really. Seems odd you couldn’t. I”m trying to make a matrix of buttons and and a matrix of custom views (to display a little square of color). I want to arrange them in IB so that each button has a custom color view right next to it.

My mistake - Command+drag the horizontal or vertical resize grips. This will adjust the spacing between the cells.

That’s what I wanted. Thanks.

But maybe I was getting ahead of myself. I thought I could just as easily make an NSMatrix of custom views in IB as well. I can’t just option+drag like I do the buttons. Is it not possible to lay that out in IB. Only programmatically?

Are you sure you don’t mean custom cells, rather than views? To my knowledge, you can only use cells with NSMatrix.

Yes, and that would be why option-dragging a custom view doesn’t do anything, because IB has no idea what the equivalent NSCell subclass might be.