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I am looking to create (or find an existing) NSTextField subclass that shows the indented look (for metal windows). I know this can be achieved by creating a duplicate of the text one pixel underneath it in pure white, but there must be a more efficient way than using two NSTextFields every time I want to put text on a metal window! Should the NSTextField spawn another one below it with the white color, or what? Any pointer in the right direction would be excellent.

Just subclass NSTextField and draw the field’s (cell’s) string value twice - first white then black. Here’s what I hacked up a while back (it’s messy - not to mention inefficient - but gets the job done):

@implementation EmbossedTextField


This seems good, but it does not account for wrapped text. Any ideas? Thanks.

[[AMRolloverButton in ObjectLibrary does something similar to what you want, I believe