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I have created an NSPanel in IB which I use as a sheet.

I want this sheet to have a resizable width, but fixed height. Unfortunately if I set the minimum and maximum height to the same value in IB, that value will be for the window with a title bar.

When the NSPanel appears as a sheet, the size is correct, but if I grab the resize button, the sheet will get the min/max size I’ve set in IB, which is 20 pixels too high (the height of the window title bar).

Is there any solution to this problem?

Set your size to 20 pixels less than what you actually want?

Ah, thanks for the suggestion – unfortunately there seem to be a lot of problems related to having a fixed height, since apparently some resizing happens when the NSPanel is used as a sheet (so it will come up the wrong size), some capping happens (based on min/max sizes) when the size is loaded from user defaults (so the size after restart isn’t the same as before quiting) etc. (and I don’t really know how much height is cutted by having the window as a sheet), so all in all it seems hopeless for me to make this work :(

I see what’s going on now, I didn’t quite understand the problem before. Have you tried setting the min and max programmatically somewhere? I’m not sure what the best place would be, though.

And speaking of resizing windows, why can I set springs for windows in IB?

It’s to control how they behave when you change your screen’s resolution.