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i’m writing my own controller and i would like to change some of the controller keys. instead of the ‘selection’ key i would like to see ‘connection’ and i would also like to programaticaly show model-key-paths in IB. normaly you define them in IB but i want to do it in my palette, inspector or controller class.

This seems easy enough. Just use + exposeBinding: and - unbind: from the NSKeyValueBindingCreation protocol.

yes that would work if you want to add a binding like ‘value’ or ‘enable’ or ‘hide’. but i cannot change the controller-keys like ‘selection’ or ‘arrangedObjects’ which show up inside the ‘controller-key’ comboBox.

If you’ve tried it, and it doesn’t work, then IB might have hard-coded support.

i think it is hard-coded :-(