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I am interested in knowing how it would be possible to have a tabbing between windows just like in the main IB nib file window.. The architechture is as follows:

I want one window which shows an Opengl view and another window which has multi tabbing possible in it just like the main IB nib file window…. esentially, this window controls what to draw in the opengl window..

I am not sure about how I can simultaneosly have a viewer and a control window running at the same time…does this mean i need to have two nib files???

also i want the control window to look like the main nib file window in IB so that every icon brings up a new set of controls…

any thoughts???


Not sure I understand your question exactly. That’s ok. We’ll work through it as best we can.

Yes - you can have multiple objects defined in the same nib file. That’s multiple controllers and multiple windows if you choose. So it’s not necessary to have multiple nib files. It is recommended and convenient to have one window/controller pair per nib file.

Other than that, I’m not sure I understand exactly what is being asked.