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Ok, so I have a problem with bindings… I have to use only bindings. I have a dialog with for specifying two files, one of which could be a default. So the dialog has a checkbox to determine whether or not to use the default, a popup button to select between whether it’s file a, or file b, and two text fields one for each to type in a path. The popup button’s enabled state is bound to the checkbox. The popup button’s selected tag value is bound to a seperate key. I want file a’s enabled binding to be NOT(checkbox AND NOTpopup), and file b’s enabled binding to be NOT(checkbox AND popup)… Heres the thing, for each binding I can only supply a negative or positive to that binding, and each binding is ANDed, and finally, I have forgotten my boolean algebra, having not used it for quite a while ^_^;… can somebody help me change this into a series of AND and NOT relationships.. no parentheses allowed in the final answer.

ehm… that’s impossible. We know that: a && !a => false, so clearly, w/o grouping each boolean variable can only appear either with or without NOT, but not both (since then the entire expression will always be false), so this gives you four different expressions (with two boolean variables), and neither share the truth table generated by what you want.

Nice proof prof ^_^… so how can I solve my problem? is it possible to refer to a grouped binding on say a hidden control? or is it just plain impossible to do without code….