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I have been digging through this site and Apple docs, but I am still lost. I am very new to cocoa, so please exuse me if I am missing something fundamental.

I am seeking design advice on approaching the following problem:


I have a “users document” and a “data document”

The initial problem I am working to figure out is: Just how do I set this up with the Cocoa Bindings \ document architecture?

I have gone through many “tutorials” and have a feel for the basic “one to many data model- attached to a window\controller idiom”.

But I am struggling to figure out how to use those mechanisms to design a solution for the above problem.

It seems as though a few key overrides will do the trick, but as I spend (hours upon hours) reading through the Cocoa docs, my feeling of being “buried” grows…

Any help on design approach GREATLY appreciated.

Brian :)

(brian again)

More digging on this today- What I am trying to do is to make a persistent document- but manually control how it is loaded and saved.. So far no luck. The hope is if I can figure THIS out- and (maybe?) attached both documents to the same context- I can then have one controller actually have different UI elements bound to different documents….

I am also going to run throguh the core data tutorial again and see if that provides any clues..

Anyone wiling to provide a POINTER on how I should be approaching this most appreciated.

Thanks, Brian

Hmm.. continuing to dig. Went to book store last night and bought all the cocoa books I could find. One is “Step into XCode”. It is looking like I will have to manage the second documebnt COMPLETELY by hand sans cocoa bindings.. Thought I would update the page. If I find a solution I will post it.

Why is this so convoluted? I would think SOMONE would have run into this before (I.e. are there NO applications with need more than one document open at a time?).

In any case, please wish me luck.