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What would be the best way to have 2 NSTableView’s interact with each other? for instance, when the selection of one changes, the other one reloads to reflect the new selction, kind of like changing a playlist in iTunes. Would 2 datasources be necessary, or is there a better way to accomplish this?

TIA, -Brandon

Use the normal methods that are called on the delegate ( -numberOfRows and -tableView:objectValueForTableColumn:row) and also the -tableView:selectionDidChange: notification. In the notification, you can call -object on the passed notification to get the NSTableView that sent the notification. -KevinWojniak

If either table is fairly complicated, having only one table controller for both tables could get very messy. You might be better off using two table view controllers. It is largely a design issue as to how those controllers communicate.

One way which has worked very well for me and exercises MVC is to have a model object which keeps track of the current item. Let’s stick with the iTunes example. You could have two table controller classes and a playlists model class (which keeps track of all playlists and which one is currently selected). When a different playlist is selected, the table controller tells the playlists object which playlist has been selected. The playlists object sends a notification out saying the playlist selection has changed. The other table controller listens for this notification and reacts appropriately. If you don’t know how notifications work, I would check out Apple’s documentation on them. They are very useful when it comes to this kind of thing. – RyanBates