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mySTEP is a runtime library to run Cocoa based applications on ARM based Linux (e.g., Sharp Zaurus)

Oh? How nice.

This could be interesting.

  1. How much of the code-base is derived from GNUStep?
  2. How complete is it and when will it be available?
  3. Also, will there be any way to cross-compile for the platform? (I don’t have a Zaurus but that and Palm OS 6 are the only things that interest me in the PDA space in the near future)

  1. approx. 90%.
  2. completion of Foundation: 95% AppKit: 70%. Available: alpha/beta reelases: now.
  3. There is a Cross-Compiler for the Linux-ARM architecture that plugs into Xcode and makes porting of applications very straight-forward.

hns @ DSitRI

See also: DSitRI

They have now a more complete description:

myStep is now QuantumStep