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Hi All, So I have an internal NSArray that I want synced to an NSTableView. I created an outlet to an NSArrayController and insert/remove from the array controller to keep everything synced with my NSArray and the NSTableview. I can save files just fine (the NSArray just holds NSMutableDictionaries), but I am stuck in figuring out how to open them and read them into my NSArray and update the table. Right now I have something like:

 ... [myArrayController addObject: anObject]; //The above inserts an object into myArray and updates the tableview ...

//this doesn’t seem to work (well it does if I ‘Open’ twice…wierd), I am doing this from memory so there may be a typo or two [myArrayController removeObjects: myArray]; //clear the current table, works fine [myArray release]; myArray = [NSArray initWithContentsOfFile: @”somefile.xml”] [myArrayController setContent: myArray];

Any ideas on how I can manipulate myArray and let myArrayController know when I am done to let the bound NSTableView to update?

Sure. After you setContent, do the following: [myArrayController rearrangeObjects];

However, if you’re directly manipulating the contents, you need to use proper KVO notifications. See the Apple documentation (Key-Value Observing) for more details - this really isn’t difficult. You tell the array controller ‘I’m going to change something’, change something, then ‘I’m done changing something’.

Ah ok, finally get it. The “batch import array” section was useful here: