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So, Leopard includes a lovely new class, NSAtomicStore. I’ve read through all the documentation and know what need to do to populate Core Data from my custom file format. Except, I have no idea where to start. I’ve created my subclass of NSAtomicStore; how do I get the framework to use it? I’ve done my call to + (void)registerStoreClass:(Class)storeClass forStoreType:(NSString *)storeType but my code is never called when a Untitled document is being created.

Does anyone have a sample they can post? Or perhaps a quick anecdote about that last tricky step that had them going for a while?

As seen on: CoreDataWish


Leopard will have new API that allows you to override the default data storage method. The Leopard dev samples even contain code showing how this is done.


Does anyone have that laying around somewhere?

Me again. I may have found what I was looking for here: