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NSBrowserCell is a subclass of NSCell used by default to display data in the columns of an NSBrowser. (Each column contains an NSMatrix filled with NSBrowserCell objects.)

see IconAndTextInTableCell for much more information

How do I show an image and text in the same column and row? I don’t want the image to be shown in one column and text in another of the same row. Which cell class I should use?

One way is to use an NSBrowserCell, return the text you want to display from your data source normally and override the delegate method -tableView:willDisplayCell:forTableColumn:row: to set the image (by calling -setImage: on the cell). – Bo

While I didn’t try this yet, it should be possible to just use an NSAttributedString with an image as attachment. Anyone actually did this? –AndreasMayer

I have, you can see it in action in App Switcher’s pref pane. It works just fine. My method was rather cumbersome, but you can see a better way of adding an image to an NSAttributedString at

(scroll to the -addEmoticon method). – MikeAsh

Could try file:///Developer/Examples/AppKit/DragNDropOutlineView/ImageAndTextCell.h