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I have pored over the NSBrowser docs and I’m confused as to how to go about doing something like this.

I have a hierarchical data structure like this:

-object 1
  -object 2
  -object 3
       -object 4 -object 5
  -object 6
  -object 7
  -object 8
       -object 9
       -object 10
              -object 11

When I put this data in an NSOutlineView, I loop through it with a recursive method populating some custom ‘outline node’ cobjects, then I set the rootnode to the main item of the outline, and reload the data. But for an NSBrowser, there is seemingly no way to just feed it a ‘root’ item and then let it display everything. Advice?

Look at the example at file:///Developer/Examples/AppKit/SimpleBrowser

I’m looking for a simple way to make an NSBrowser show the content of only one folder. The documentation on NSBrowser only claims its methods and properties, I haven’t found anything useful on how to make it display some real content. All I need is this: an NSBrowser that displays the files inside a folder located at /Applications/Web Dev/Functions/ as a list and then when you click on any of the files it will load the file’s content and insert it on a TextView. I just need some help on the “Show Folders Contents” thing…

Check out the SimpleBrowser project in /Developer/Examples/AppKit. It’s a straightforward example of how to show a file hierarchy in an NSBrowser – Bo