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NSCalendarDate is a deprecated Cocoa Foundation class for storing datetime values bound to a timezone. It is not on the iPhone. You should use the NSDate, NSCalendar, NSDateComponents, and NSDateFormatter classes instead. This article tells you how to migrate to these newer classes:

See DescriptionWithCalendarFormat for a list of formatters for use with NSCalendarDate’s -descriptionWithCalendarFormat: method.

See also NSDateFormattingAndBIndings

I was browsing through the Foundation release notes (for 10.3.2) and found this; thought I’d post it here:

NSCalendarDate functionality to avoid

As has been true for years, the documented NSCalendarDate format specs %c, %x, and %X all have the same effect, unlike what the documentation says. When not localizing to the user’s locale, %c also produces a result with the year in an unusual position. Generally these format specs should not be used. We can never fix these due to binary compatibility constraints, so developers must deal with this themselves.

Tiger Foundation release notes say:

The NSCalendarDate class, NSDate categories, and other APIs in NSCalendarDate.h are not deprecated in this release, but may be in the next release.