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I have created an NSTextFieldSubclass that I’m using to draw what is essential a bar graph representation of the cell’s value in a table view. It works great - except for the row that is highlighted. If the row is highlighted, my bar graph completely dissapears.

Overriding (NSColor *)highlightColorWithFrame:(NSRect)cellFrame inView:(NSView *)controlView produces some interesting results, but nothing usable.

Has anyone encountered this before?

Probably need to see the code. (Guess: you didn’t implement copyWithZone:).

You mean to tell me you can’t read my mind? :)

It is a fairly simple cell that takes the object value and uses that to calculate a perecentage which is used to draw a horizone bar graph.

If I only override drawInteriorWithFrame, it works great as long as the row isn’t selected. This is what I’m using to draw the cell:

@implementation BarGraphCell


I’ll be reading up on copyWithZone today to see if that solves my problem. For some reason though, I had thought that I didn’t need to implement in this case. I’m sure I am wrong!


If you don’t have any ivars, you don’t have to implement copyWithZone:.

You aren’t setting a color before you draw. I’m guessing you wanted black, since that’s probably what you (happened) to get in the usual case. A few other minor bits you might want to be aware of inline:

Ah, that worked perfectly - and more importantly, the reasons why make sense to me. Thanks a million!