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NSCoderNight is a weekly get-together of Cocoa developers in several cities around the world. More information is at the main NSCoderNight web site:

NSCoderNight is a complement to CocoaHeads or other user groups. Where user groups usually have some more formal meeting structure including presentations, NSCoderNight is all about just getting together for a couple hours with your fellow Cocoa developers and writing code.

If you want to start a get-together in your own city, just respond to one of the weblog posts and I (ChrisHanson) will create a new post for your city that you can use with others in your city to decide on a location. So far there are NSCoderNight get-togethers in the following areas:

There are proposed NSCoderNight get-togethers in the following areas:

And there’s an IRC chat room for NSCoderNight on FreeNode at irc:// of course.