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Mac OS X since 10.0 has had a Cocoa framework class called NSCondition. You can access it using the following definition.

@interface NSCondition : NSObject <NSLocking> {
void* _priv; } - (void) wait; - (BOOL) waitUntilDate:(NSDate*)limit; - (void) signal; // wakes one waiting thread - (void) broadcast; // wake all waiting threads @end

What is it and where is it defined? Never heard of it, never found it… Sounds interesting, can you give us some more info on it?


It appears to be a Cocoa interface to pthread condition variables. As far as where it’s defined, it’s a private class that you should avoid using if at all possible.

As of Mac OS X 10.5, NSCondition is a public class, so it need not be avoided. (And since it has actually always existed, it may be used in projects targeting earlier OS versions.)