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Some details about NSCursor that you may find useful:

*If you call [NSCursor set] when your application is not active, the cursor will not change. *If you call [NSCursor set] twice (or more) in a row with the same cursor instance, the second (and subsequent) call will be ignored, even if the first call was ignored because your application was not active.

While writing a custom view that can be dragged to resize, the resizeLeftRightCursor gets replaces by the arrowCurser as soon as the dragging starts and does not get restored. I fixed it by using the Carbon SetThemeCursor(kThemeResizeLeftRightCursor) function. I wonder how I should do it in Cocoa so that it works (-set / -push doesn’t) or if it’s even a bug.[ 3d secure]

To fix this, call -[NSWindow disableCursorRects] on your window when your drag begins and -[NSWindow enableCursorRects] when it ends.

i’m trying to figure-out how to get a text-input cursor to be inverse when inside a dark background. i’m using the ‘white-on-black’ theme in the terminal, and there the cursor shows-up white. -> oops, solved this one: the terminal uses a custom cursor image-resource, which can be found inside the application package.