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I was under the impression that the nice plus sign appearing below the pointer, while doing a copy thru drag and drop, would be available for Cocoa applications in Panther, but it doesn’t seem to be there…

I have however noticed, that a lot more apps now use this pointer, but when dragging files to my application, where I return Copy as the drag operation, the sign does not appear – what is wrong?

Try SetThemeCursor(kThemeCopyArrowCursor). It works fine for me in Jaguar. You could do this in something like the NSDraggingDestination methods or the view’s delegate (if it has one).

Thanks, it works! I wonder why this ‘theme’ is not available for NSCursor? OTOH NSCursor’s disappearingItemCursor seems to be lacking from the themes…

It’s there, under kThemePoofCursor. Take a look at The reason for the word theme is that there is an old QuickDraw method, SetCursor, which works with nasty little B&W data structures. The whole “theme” thing started in System 8 with the Appearance Manager, if I remember correctly. As a sidenote, there’s also SetCCursor, but let’s not go down that path. I just wish they’d add proper support for all the Carbon cursors. I might go hunting in RuntimeBrowser to see if I can subclass anything….