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I’m not sure what I am doing wrong but, the NSMutableDictionary I created won’t write to file. When I tried wrote the description to file using NSString, it seemed to work though.

Can anyone give me some ideas?


If your dictionary contains objects that aren’t standard property list items (NSNumber, NSString, NSDictionary, NSArray, NSData, NSDate) then it won’t write out to file. The proper way to write a dictionary is:

[profileList writeToFile:fileName atomically:YES];

but only if you don’t have any custom classes or stuff in there…

If you have custom classes, then you can write them to a file by making them all conform to NSCoding, and then using NSKeyedArchiver to transform them to NSData.

Your code works just fine. I suggest you look at permissions for the file you are trying to create - check the path and make sure the user running the application has the write to create the file.

FYI, here’s the test code:

#import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h> @interface MyObject: NSObject @end

@implementation MyObject

int main() { MyObject * myObject = [[MyObject alloc] init]; [myObject saveToFile:@”list2.xml”]; }

BR, Cristi

Please see HowToAskQuestions … “doesn’t work” is rather useless. What exactly happens. What error(s) are you receiving?

I’m having the same problem. Using Cristi’s test function, profileList description] writeToFile:atomically:] succeeds but [[[NSDictionary writeToFile:atomically:] returns false and does not create the file. There is no permissions problem (both the working and non-working calls were writing to the same directory (/tmp), neither file existed beforehand, and there is ample free space on disk). dtruss shows this:

lstat64(“myfilename\0”, 0x7FFF5FBFC5B0, 0x7FFF70534630) = -1 Err#2

and nothing more. I tried using a .xml suffix for the filename, and that didn’t help either. errno is “Operation timed out”, which I suspect is irrelevant. This is on OS 10.6.4.