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I have noticed that it is possible to launch, say, TextEdit from the command line without using the “open” command: /Applications/ someTextFile

However, if I use my own Document-based application, say “./ someTextFile”, I only get a blank window titled “someTextFile” Using “open -a someTextFile” brings up someTextFile correctly

How can I get my application to open correctly in either case? I am currently only overriding “- (BOOL)readFromFile:(NSString *)filename ofType:(NSString *)aType” Should I override something else?

I’m asking this out of newbie curiosity, to help me understand the NSDocument architecture better.

TextEdit is not an NSDocument application. Its source code is available in /Developer/Examples if you want to see how it implements it.

Thanks for the tip. I had a look at the TextEdit source, and came across “- (BOOL)application:(NSApplication *)sender openFile:(NSString *)filename”. So in my application, I created a MainMenu.nib delegate, called AppController, and implemented the above method in AppController. This worked!

But…just out of curiosity, I removed the method, did a clean all, recompiled, and it still works. This is puzzling me. Was a delegate all I needed, even though the delegate now does not have any code? If so, why?