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Object carrying data about a user action, for example mouse clicks or keyboard presses.

Anybody know how to send a fake mouseUp event to a window or view?

I would check out this NSEvent class method.

 int type=NSLeftMouseUp;              // for a left mouse up event type
 int windowNumber=[windowToSendEventTo windowNumber];

id fakeMouseUpEvent=[NSEvent mouseEventWithType:type location:NSMakePoint(xValue, yValue) modifierFlags:nil timestamp:nil windowNumber:windowNumber context:nil eventNumber:nil clickCount:1 pressure:nil];

// On NSEvent +(NSEvent *)mouseEventWithType:(NSEventType)type location:(NSPoint)location modifierFlags:(unsigned int)flags timestamp:(NSTimeInterval)time windowNumber:(int)windowNum context:(NSGraphicsContext *)context eventNumber:(int)eventNumber clickCount:(int)clickNumber pressure:(float)pressure

If you want to watch all the events in your program, use NSTraceEvents.

See for lots of cool tricks.

Watching events go by can be very informative.

To bypass event-handling and forward it to the NSApp’s delegate (I find this very useful in fullscreen games), make a custom subclass of NSApplication (ensuring that the Principal Class is your new subclass), and implement this method:

Of course, this assumes your delegate responds to shouldHandleEvents and handleEvent:. Going back to the fullscreen game example, this allows for one to have a Cocoa main menu and have the delegate (controller) handle the events appropriately, thus allowing true MVC. This can also allow for the same controller handle a windowed game, too. -[[RossDude

To be strict about whether the delegate responds, you should check first with respondsToSelector: or conformsToProtocol:

How to watch all the mouse events of the system? (NSTraceEvent is about one perticualr application). —- Google for CGEventTapCreate.

Link to the replies on working with the modifierFlags from a NSEvent


NSEvent timestamp is in time since system startup. NSDate doesn’t give a convenient utility to get that, and it’s not easy to find. After much digging I found this in an old cocoa-dev mailing list post:

#import <mach/mach_time.h> #define SKWTimestamp() (((double)mach_absolute_time()) * 1.0e-09)