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The NSFont class represents the fonts installed on a system to an application. You don’t create NSFonts with alloc/init, but instead use NSFont fontWithName: (NSString *)fontName size: (float)size to search for fonts with a particular name, or you can use [NSFont systemFontOfSize:(float)size], [NSFont userFixedPitchFontOfSize:(float)size], [NSFont labelFontOfSize:(float)size] and similar methods (see the NSFont docs) to retrieve standard system fonts. If you pass 0 or a negative number for any of the size params, you’ll get the default size for that particular font.

I’m not 100% positive on this, but I also don’t think you can archive NSFont objects using NSArchiver. Actually, you can archive them, but if you try to use the unarchived NSFont object, you’ll crash. Instead, save the NSString returned from [NSFont fontName] and load it up again with [NSFont fontWithName: fontName size:size].

I use archived fonts in my app for storing the user’s choice, and it works just fine. You must have been doing something wrong.

This works because NSCoder provides a means of substituting one object for another upon unarchiving. The ‘real’ NSFont instance is substituted for the one being unarchived. See []

There seems to be a bug with [NSFont menuFontOfSize:0]. It returns a font size of 13, but the actual menu font seems to be 14-point.

Has anybody noticed a new bug with glyphWithName? It seems to always return 0 no matter what I pass to it. a call to numberOfglyphs returns 1745 glyphs (for helvetica) yet absolutely anything I pass to glyphWithName gives me back zero. Even when I tried passing @”a;lsdkfja;ld” it gave me back zero, and the docs state it should give back -1 if it can’t find the glyph you’re talking about. Interestingly enough though, NSGlyph is typedefed to an unsigned int, so I’m not quite sure how they plan on returning -1 if they can’t find the requested glyph. Anyway, I always get a box now for every character. Any one else having this problem?

Yes, I’ve noticed the bug in Tiger with glyphWithName. I’ts made it damn awkward to get a bezier path of a glyph. If anyone knows how to map characters in an NSString to glyphs of a given font and not call glyphWithName somewhere in the process, I’d very much like to know. As the previous writer states, an unknown string should return -1 - it doesn’t.

See NSBezierPathGlyphEncodings. Please don’t forget to use the search.