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If I have a class that looks something like this:

@interface MyClass:NSObject { MyClassA *variableA; MyClassB *variableB; }

And vriableA responds to * - (void)someOtherMethod *, is it possible to send someOtherMethod to an instance of MyClass and have that instance forward the message to variablA given that MyClass inherits from NSObject, instead of NSProxy?

Yes, just use the same method you would for a normal NSProxy subclass.

So what’s the difference between a class like MyClass that inherits from NSProxy, instead of NSObject (besides the major archiving and copying pain in the ass subclassing NSProxy provides)?

* Forwarding with forwardInvocation only works with messages that MyClass doesn’t respond to. You have to manually override the messages MyClass does respond to. If MyClass extends NSObject, that’s a lot of messages to override. NSProxy has substantially fewer methods, so it’s the better choice if you’re forwarding all messages.

NSProxy also doesn’t have a default implementation for potentially awkward methods like doesNotRecognizeSelector and methodForSelector. Those are the kind of messages you probably don’t want your proxy responding to. *