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From Apple’s developer documentation:

“An NSHTTPURLResponse object represents a response to an HTTP URL load request. It’s a subclass of NSURLResponse that provides methods for accessing information specific to HTTP protocol responses.”

“NSURLResponse declares the programmatic interface for an object that accesses the response returned by an NSURLRequest instance.”

Is there a way to get a NSHTTPURLResponse? I can’t find any functions that return that type, and I need to check the code of a request response.

I don’t think there is anything that returns that type, but you’ll see that it’s subclassed from NSURLResponse, so you can just cast that to use it as that: [(NSHTTPURLResponse)reponse statusCode] *should work. I believe there also a way of assigning one when you load something in a synchronous request. See NSURLRequest.

Although I haven’t looked into it or anything, it might be wise to check the scheme of the response when casting it as above; in case the original request gets transformed into something else (ie. http -> ftp or telnet, etc) calling the HTTP methods on another scheme might yield unexpected results (but again: I didn’t check into it). -Seb

As others have suggested, you can get at the reponse code (and other headers) by casting the object returned from the dataSource method on a WebFrame. For example:

NSHTTPURLResponse * response = (NSHTTPURLResponse *) [ [ [ webView mainFrame ] dataSource ] response ];

This works in Tiger. TheMZA

It might be safer to check and see if the response will respond to a statusCode message before casting. Something like this

// check if this is OK (not a 404 or the like)
if([response respondsToSelector:@selector(statusCode)]){
    int statusCode = [(NSHTTPURLResponse *)response statusCode];
    if(statusCode >= 400){
        // cancel connections, release stuff, whatever