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Hello there, I have an NSImage I create at run time of an image ( all my code works except for one small problem. The Size of the NSImage is different then the actual image, running NSLog(@”%f”,[backgroundImage size].width); shows that the width is 245.759995 when infact it is 1024.

Is there any way to fix this or to get the actual size so I can set it manually?

That is the actual size. What’s going on is that the image has a high resolution set: 300DPI both ways. This means that a single image pixel doesn’t match up with a single screen pixel.

If you want the number of pixels rather than the actual size, get the NSBitmapImageRep inside the NSImage and then use its -pixelsWide and - pixelsHigh methods.

Thank you, that worked.

Gentlemen how should one actually change an image’s size: make it 400px or 512px along the long side? pete

Use -[NSImage setSize:newSize]; EnglaBenny Don’t forget setScalesIfResized.